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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

How To Upload A Mixtape On Soundcloud, Audiomack & Getrightmusic : Releasing A Mixtape Part 2

How To Upload A Mixtape On Soundcloud, Audiomack & Getrightmusic : Releasing A Mixtape Part 2 How To Upload A Mixtape On Soundcloud, Audiomack & Getrightmusic : ❗️ Releasing A Mixtape Part 2.More Links/InfoπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ 🎹 My Blog πŸ‘‰: Sub My Channel: Don't Forget How To Release A Mixtape Part 1 Here : How to release your mixtape playlist : In this video I discuss how to upload your mixtape on Soundcloud, Audiomack, and Getrightmusic. When rappers are releasing a mixtape, the majority like to dop a mixtape on a popular mixtape website. Not just for the benefits of that mixtape website but for the glory that mixtape can bring if you that rapper reaches the success that industry rappers have reached. I will discuss in the video why rappers should use the tools that these mixtape websites give to their member's. But you shouldn't rely completely on the mixtape website itself. I feel that too many rap artists place their entire mixtape release campaign on a mixtape website that they don't own or never will own. It's a bad idea to start a music business with the rented ground. These mixtape sites have their own agenda and so should you. Not to be over critical, these free mixtape websites allow you to upload your mixtape for free. These music players are html5 music players that enable mobile devices to listen to music. Most flash music players are completely out of date, in the mobile age, we are in today. The getrightmusic player has a similarity to that of the Spotify music player which can be a great asset. Most music fans like familiarity so when the see a music player like the one of get right music they will feel more comfortable and continue to listen to your music. Steps on how to upload your mixtape on – Click the read submit a mixtape button – The click Create an account – Once you have filled out the necessary data go back to the home page and click submit a mixtape – Upload your Artwork and details – Create a zip file of you mixtape mp3 files – If you don’t know how to create a zip file here is a video tutorial to show you how. – Upload your zip file using the space provided. I got to speak to the owner of get right music mixtape site owner on mixtape marketing podcast episode 16 Click here for the link. Next up is how to upload mixtape on Soundcloud. Soundcloud is not your typical mixtape website. But SoundCloud has similar assets that you can take to host your mixtape on your own website. The html 5 music player and stats are pro level tools. You can take these and add them to your website. Due to the popularity of Soundcloud a lot of rappers are now choosing to upload their mixtape on Soundcloud. But SoundCloud has it's limitations. Soundcloud was build on the illegal remixes that their users promoted. But music copyright has become very strict and no cover versions and remixes can be uploaded on mixtapes to SoundCloud. This makes it very difficult for a break through rapper to piggy back of current trends and popular music. – Create an account – Click upload next to your username at the top right-hand side of the screen – Add your music to Soundcloud Track by Track – Try and use Wav Files instead of mp3 for better Quality Sound – Tick the little box that says { “Make a playlist when multiple files are selected” } – Once all files are upload name your playlist the same name as your mixtape – Don’t forget to enable download button by clicking on pencil icon ✏ under your playlist – Then click permissions to enable the downs of your mixtape. The last mixtape website I will speak about is Audiomack. This free mixtape website has an amazing html5 music player for you to upload your mixtape too. The best part about this mixtape website is that it is was created by musicians for musicians. The owners of this website were sick and tired of rappers using terrible music websites. Steps on How to upload a mixtape on Audiomack – Click sign up on the right-hand corner of the site. – Fill out the necessary profile data, name, website, social link bio. – Return to home page and click upload mixtape – Click on upload Album – Fill out data about your mixtape – Don’t forget to tick the box that says { “Allow Downloads” } – Create a Zip file of your Mixtape Mp3 How to create a zip file How To Promote Your Beats On Twitter πŸ’» My Twitter Course πŸ‘‰ : πŸ“© Email Marketing For Musicians Course: πŸ‘‰: Start A Website Course: The Corporatethief Beats