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Monday, February 6, 2017

Drake Type Beat

Drake Type Beat Drake type beat produced by The Corporatethief Beats. This is a play list with some snippets of the drake type beats that I made. 🎹 My Beat Store 👉: Sub My Channel: This a playlist has snippets of the drake type beats that I produced over the last couple of months if you want to purchase the lease of these beats check the link underneath the video player. This link will take you to my main hip hop beat website. Here you can simple click on my mobile beat store link which will take you to a mobile optimize beat player. The player resizes for any mobile device to give any rapper the perfect beat buying experience. You can buy the lease license for each of these beats for mixtapes, singles or albums. You can also use these beats for live shows or just basic video production. Rap Beat Leases: Buy Rap Beats Here 🎹 My Beat Store 👉: Basic Mp3 Lease : $17.99 Wav HQ Lease : $27.99 Tracked Out Lease: $47.99 Drake Type Beat Names In The Video My Intro : 0:03 Enemies : 0:40 Venerate: 02:37 Zone 6: 04:00 Phantom: 5:50 Overr: 7:01 Sixth: 8:58 Outro Subscribe: Video Description: I am inspired by Drake type instrumentals and the beat makers that Drake uses to make beats for his mixtapes and albums. These style of instrumentals are inspired by rap beat makers like 40 Noah Shabibb , Bo1da , Metro Boomin , mike zombie and many more. I listen to a lot of the instrumentals that's on the album Take Care, If you are reading this it's too late , views from the sixth , Nothing was the same ect. These are all the albums that Drake and his producers made to inspire me to create hip hop beats. A lot of people don't like on youtube beat makers using the term type beat in the productions. But every beat maker needs to gather some inspiration form some where. You have to learn from some where how to make hip hop beats. What difference at the end what you call it. Most of us online beat makers don't have rap label type music promotion . And it's for this reason that we us that term the labeling of our music youtube. ​ ​ 🔈 Drums I Use: How To Promote Your Beats On Twitter 💻 My Twitter Course 👉 : 📩 Email Marketing For Musicians Course: Start A Website Course: Tool I use To Build My Following On Twitter: 🔧 Get Socialquant {Aff link}👉 : 🎹 Beat Site 👉: The Corporatethief Beats