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Friday, February 10, 2017

Uploading your mixtape to Datpiff & Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes : How To Drop a Mixtape Online Part 3

Uploading your mixtape to Datpiff & Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes : How To Drop a Mixtape Online Part 3 Uploading your mixtape to Datpiff & Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes : How To Drop a Mixtape Online Part 3 🎹 My Blog Post 👉: Sub My Channel: How to upload a mixtape on Soundcloud video : How To Release a Mixtape: Video Description Datpiff @ 0:30 In this video I discuss 2 sites that rap artist use to drop a mixtape online. This is the 3rd part in the how to release a mixtape online series. In the last video I spoke about Audiomack, Soundcloud , and but this time I show you how to upload a mixtape on Datpiff, How to get featured on Datpiff and what a sponsored mixtape on Datpiff. Datpiff mixtapes is one of the biggest mixtape websites online. Even though I feel that years ago it was one of the best mixtape sites to upload your mixtape on, lately the site has taken a turn for the worst. The site now has cluttered advertisements all over it and it's not the most professional place to release your mixtape on. For many years datpiff mixtapes ruled the online mixtape world hosting epic mixtapes from Rick Ross's Rich Forever and Meek Mills Dreamchasers 2. Both of which reach will over 2million mixtape downloads. But after years of domination online mixtape distribution the site has taken a back seat and In my opinion doesn't compare to sites like, Audiomack , or Soundcloud. The main issue most rap artists will come by when they host their mixtape on Datpiff is that they will have to apply for membership to get the ability to upload mixtapes on datpiff. Then they will have to sponsor their mixtape so that non-datpiff members, can download their mixtapes with having to sign up. The sponsored mixtape fee on Datpiff is around $75. This is not mixtape promotion. This is just giving your audience the ability to download the mixtape without having to sign in to Datpiff. The tools that this mixtape site gives isn't even up to scratch compared to the other mixtapes sites that I have mentioned. The music player only recently went html5 and the stats are very basic for the fee that you will have to pay. If you want to get featured on Datpiff you will have to purchase placement spots on the home page which can be up to $1000 +. The other site I speak about is that of coast 2 coast mixtapes. This isn't like the other mixtape websites that I have mentioned. @ 05:09 You have to pay to play here. You can't really just sign up and upload your mixtape here. You have to pay for promotion. is a hip hop music PR company. They sell promotion services here and they use the tools from other mixtape sites like Datpiff, Soundcloud, and Audiomack. I get asked if about coast 2 coast mixtape reviews a lot and if the site is worth using. And it's hard to call. The site is a PR company and it doesn't guarantee success. II think if the site wasn't legit people like DJ Kasper Binks and DJ Pain 1 wouldn't have much to do with it. DJ PAIN 1 YT Channel I wouldn't rule out coast 2 coast mixtapes in the release of mixtapes because it's the biggest hip hop PR company online and they do have the connections in the music industry and the tools to help promote your mixtapes. If you want to upload your mixtape to coast 2 coast mixtapes I would incorporate some of their services into my mixtape release but I wouldn't place everything I have in it. I still like to control and drop my own mixtape online. I would look for other people's reviews of Coast 2 Coast mixtapes and ask them about their experiences. If I were unsure I would find coast 2 coast mixtape djs and ask them what coast 2 coast mixtape offers with their promotion. The more informed that you can be the better the release of your mixtape will do online. How To Promote Your Beats On Twitter 💻 My Twitter Course 👉 : 📩 Email Marketing For Musicians Course: Start A Website Course: Tool I use To Build My Following On Twitter: 🔧 Get Socialquant {Aff link}👉 : 🎹 Beat Site 👉: The Corporatethief Beats