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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Hip Hop Lyrics Guide & Writing Rap Lyrics Structure With Jessie Kramer MMP #13

Hip Hop Lyrics Guide & Writing Rap Lyrics Structure With Jessie Kramer MMP #13 Hip Hop Lyrics Guide & Writing Rap Lyrics Structure With Jessie Kramer Mixtape Marketing Podcast #13 🎹 Blog Post 👉: Sub My Channel: Get Jesse's Hip Hop Lyricist Guide eBook: Visit Jesse Site: Video Description In this Mixtape Marketing Podcast Episode #13, I introduce you to Jesse Kramer From Jesse has been a hip-hop artist for many years and now has turned his talent for writing rap lyrics into a business. { @ 2:30} Jesse now writes as a ghost rap lyrics writer for hip hop artists online. But Jesse also teaches other artists how to overcome rap writer's block. Teaching young and up and coming hip hop artists how to write rap lyrics. In this episode of the mixtape marketing podcast we talk exclusively about his ebook The Hip Hop Lyricist Guide, Ghostwriting for hip hop artists, [8:04] Create rap lyrics and rap song structure. His site basically helps for rappers, where they build a profile of a type of rap song they want to write. Then Jesse and his team put together hip hop lyrics and guide the artist in the right direction. Jesse says that his love and passion for writing rap lyrics gives him his drive for his business. But his academic background in marketing and business made his online websites successful. @ 14:10 The hip hop lyricists guide book is basically a formula to help rappers start with good habits so that that they can express the words that are needed to tell the concepts of the song. @ 19:38 These skills include concept development, storytelling, and how to turn your narrative a song that rappers can rap too. You have to build a connection between the material and the audience. But you also have to deliver that message with cleverly designed wordplay. 22:01 This is known as a hook of a song. That the more catchy the rap song structure and rap lyrics are, the more promotion and exposure the song will get. Get Jesse's Hip Hop Lyricist Guide eBook: ​ 🔈 Drums I Use: How To Promote Your Beats On Twitter 💻 My Twitter Course 👉 : 📩 Email Marketing For Musicians Course: Start A Website Course: Tool I use To Build My Following On Twitter: 🔧 Get Socialquant {Aff link}👉 : 🎹 Beat Site 👉: The Corporatethief Beats