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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Buying & selling rap features , booking rap shows with TJ Bear MMP #14

Buying & selling rap features , booking rap shows with TJ Bear MMP #14 Buying and selling rap features, booking rap shows with TJ Bear MMP #14 🎹 My Blog 👉: Sub My Channel: His article : Video Description @ 2:20 In this Mixtape Marketing Podcast Episode #13, I introduce you to TJ Bear from TJ is a music marketing consultant, website designer, concert promoter and hip-hop artist. I found TJ's article through a music marketing website called where he wrote about the buying and selling rap features to other hip hop artists and singers online. This topic of rap features really opened my mind at what kind of entrepreneurship rap artists can achieve. There is no one way to start buying and selling rap features online. Everyone has their own characteristics and their own lane in their own music career. But one thing that makes your style stand out as a professional is the marketing and the branding. If your brand doesn't look professional, nobody from the music industry will or sell your rap features. That's why TJ went on to study branding in conjunction with music marketing. That why with most social sites we see rappers making the mistake of over promoting their music with these tools. These tools should be used for music consumption and community engagement. There is a lot miss informed musicians that don't know how to promote their music the right way with social media. If you don't have a good brand it might be hard to sell your rap features or find people that will let you buy rap features from them. A lot of rappers should look at how their idols use social media or how Youtube vloggers use social media to build community. The way bloggers use social media is branding heaven. They really focus on connection and engagement rather than your standard "CHECK OUT MY NEW VIDEO, SONG, EP " The benefits of buying a rap feature are obvious. You are buying the influence that the other artist has built with his or her fans over time. This rap feature gives you exposure and the co-sign that can excel your growth at a faster pace​. 🔈 Drums I Use: How To Promote Your Beats On Twitter 💻 My Twitter Course 👉 : 📩 Email Marketing For Musicians Course: Start A Website Course: Tool I use To Build My Following On Twitter: 🔧 Get Socialquant {Aff link}👉 : 🎹 Beat Site 👉: The Corporatethief Beats