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Thursday, October 20, 2016

How To Promote Your Music Part 10 Using Twitter Lists

How To Promote Your Music Part 10 Using Twitter Lists How To Promote Your Music Part 10 Using Twitter Lists 💻 My Twitter Course 👉 : Tool I use To Build My Following On Twitter: 🔧 Get Socialquant {Aff link}👉 : Video Description On How To Promote Your Music Online Video In this video, I show you how to promote your music. In this part 10 video tutorial, I show how to create Twitter lists. Before you turn your head and facepalm me, I have an automatic way you can build Twitter lists using a tool called IFTTT. This tool helps me create a specific list on Twitter for specific hashtag # mentioned on Twitter. In the video, I show you how I build Twitter lists based on the hashtag #datpiff / #mixape etc. These are hashtags that my audience of rappers and musicians use on Twitter. So it's up to you to find relevant keywords that your audience use. I link my Twitter channel with IFTTT and it creates these list form automatically. Once I have a list of relevant followers or a target market, I then come up with a way to network with these people or use the follow for follow method to cultivate a following. You could also build a list of music supervisors , a&R , record labels , podcasters, YouTubers and promote your music to these people by finding their contact information on their biographies. You could try and direct message these people or find a way for these to listen to your music. Once you build specific list on Twitter the ways of promoting your music are endless. IFTTT Tool Link : Video Description: 00:05 Video Introduction 00:55 What A Twitter Lists 01:25 How To Promote Your Music Using Twitter Lists 02:30 Tips For Build Your Twitter Lists 03:04 Tool I use to promote my music 03:21 How To Set Up IFTTT 04:50 Guidance and Advice 06:01 My Music Promotion Video Course 🎹 Buy Beats 👉: 🎧 Free Downloads 👉 : 🔈 Drums Used: Video Links Video : The Corporatethief Beats