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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Dropping a mixtape with with email marketing Part 7

Dropping a mixtape with with email marketing Part 7 🎹 My Blog 👉: Sub My Channel: 📩 Email Marketing For Musicians Course: How To Release A Mixtape Playlist Video Description In this video, I show you how to promote your music using email marketing. With the rise of social media pages like that of Twitter and Facebook, It's getting increasing hard to get any traction, without paying for promotion. @ 00:40 This is for every time that we post content on the social profiles that WE RENT from Facebook and Twitter. @1:22 Social reach is on the decline. Facebook is ever more increasing you to press that BOOST POST button every day just so you can reach the fans that have liked your Facebook page. Twitter has a very busy stream but more social than Facebook. I feel it still doesn't even come close to how you can get a much better reach from send target emails to fans that have subscribed to your newsletter. Playlist Email Newsletter With Aweber @ 3:45 The video above is more of advice on how to use Email marketing to release your mixtapes. And how email marketing can help you with building up the BUZZ for the launch of your mixtape. Yes you may have to pay for the software each month but you don't have pay for each time you email your audience. So, on one hand, social profiles might seem free from the onset, but if you look carefully we have all been duped by the freemium business model. We are hook on free social media marketing cool aid, and we keep paying for that boost post or that promoted Tweet each time. Here is a link to my email marketing for musicians course for free. This is more tutorial base on how to promote music with email. The video above is advice on how to build and email list and why you need to start using email to help promote your music today. 📩 Email Marketing For Musicians Course: 💻 My Twitter Course: Start A Website Course: 🎹 Beat Site 👉: VIDEO LINK The Corporatethief Beats