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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Hosting A Mixtape On Your Website Part 5

Hosting A Mixtape On Your Website Part 5 Hosting A Mixtape On Your Website Part 5 Of The How To Release Your Mixtape Online More information below⤵ ⤵ ⤵ ⤵ 🎹 My Blog 👉: Sub My Channel: Start A Website Course: 💻 Video Description This is one article/video that I have aiming to get too in this series. I a lot of artists that listen to my music marketing vlogs will ignore this section to their own downfall. Most rappers assume that when they release a mixtape on the internet they have to upload it to one of the bigger mixtape hosting websites. Where I believe that this is not the best way to go about your mixtape release. Having control over the launch of you mixtape is much more important. It's for this reason I firmly believe that any rappers that are thinking about releasing a mixtape, they should place a ton of emphasis on hosting their mixtape on their own website. The price starting your own website is for literally pennies these days. I have outline everything here in this step by step guide on how to set up a website and use the tools that mixtape site give you to host you mixtape on your own website. This is the best place to start when releasing your mixtape. You are not beholden to the fees and the other members that are on these mixtape sites. I think I have used the Datpiff example of how cluttered some mixtape websites are getting these days. I don't rappers should be sending all of their hard earned money and TIME to mixtape upload sites that only give them limited options for exposure. Sure mixtape sites have fancy tools and apps that you can use, but most of these sites give you these tools like HTML5 players to embed on you own website. So you can upload your mixtape on a site like take the embed code for your music player and only promote your website. If you keep sending all your traffic to a website that you don't own or control you will never build anything that's going to enable your fans to bond with you. Take a read of the blog post and on How to release a mixtape using my mixtape marketing plan here : 00:40 Benefits to your website Statistics 01:20 Control The Marketing Of Your Mixtapes 01:50 Embed Mixtape Players Into Your Website 02:19 Only Promoting My Blog 02:55 Mixtape Hosting Fee's 04:04 Keeping the focus on your mixtape. 04:25 Mixtape Site Cluttered With Adds 06:09 Building a music community with your music fans How To Promote Your Beats On Twitter 💻 My Twitter Course 👉 : 📩 Email Marketing For Musicians Course: Tools I use To Build My Following On Twitter: 🔧 Get Socialquant {Aff link}👉 : The Corporatethief Beats