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Thursday, February 2, 2017

How To Release A Mixtape Part 1 Preparing To Drop A Mixtape Online?

How To Release A Mixtape Part 1 Preparing To Drop A Mixtape Online? How To Release A Mixtape Part 1: A video series showing you how to prepare for when you drop a mixtape online. πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ More InfoπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ 🎹 My Blog Post πŸ‘‰: Sub My Channel: How to release a mixtape playlist : Video Description This is a video just give you ideas on how you prepare to launch your mixtape online. I use a lot of these to help promote my music online and I just wanted to share them with my audience. 1:10 Releasing a mixtape online isn't an easy task. But if you create a blue print of the resources that you need to drop a mixtape online. Also, it will give you some questions that you need to ask yourself, what resources that you actually have to launch that mixtape the right way. In the video, I touch on the topic like ask yourself some hard budget questions likes like. 2:20 - How much will it cost to host the mixtape? - Where can I host my mixtape? - How do I growth hack my mixtape release on a budget? Some additional resources I mention include how to use crowdfunding websites to help create the budget to help promote the mixtape after you release it. Some of the crowd funding websites I mention include Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and patreon. Crowdfunding can be a very cost efficient way of launching a mixtape. I would prefer to use a site called patreon over the crowd funding sites as I feel that patreon has an inbuilt community that you can promote your music too. 4:20 It will also keep you in check to keep creating content around the mixtape too. This will enable you to think of other types of video content, like interviews about your music, of you in the studio and who inspired you to make these rap songs in the first place. A lot of artists make the mistake of dumping all the mixtape songs on youtube right after they release it on mixtape websites. I prefer to drip feed the songs out on youtube. Then I would create content in between the each song that I release using the video content idea I mentioned above. {interviews, how to videos, vlogs ect} If you just release all the mixtape in one sitting on youtube you, nobody has any real need to download your mixtape now, Becuase the can just listen to it for free on youtube. You need to extract maximum promotional content from each song without giving the song away. I would only upload one full song from that mixtape. ( @ 6:22 ) Then for the rest of the mixtape, I would release lyrical snippet videos of each song that's on that mixtape. There is nothing wrong with trying budget or growth hack the promotion of your mixtape for free. But hip hop is a rich man's game. I will go into more detail later on in the series of how to mix paid mixtape promotion and free mixtape promotion. Sometimes trying to promote your music for Free can become too time-consuming. And we all know that time is money right. Later on, in the series, I will go more in-depth on where to upload your mixtape and speak about host your own mixtape and hosting on another website. How To Promote Your Beats On Twitter πŸ’» My Twitter Course πŸ‘‰:​ πŸ“© Email Marketing For Musicians Course: Start A Website Course: The tool I use To Build My Following On Twitter: πŸ”§ Get Socialquant {Aff link}πŸ‘‰: 🎹 Beat Site πŸ‘‰: The Corporatethief Beats