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Monday, November 7, 2016

Rap Beat Tutorial Making A Rihanna Type Beat Logic Pro Tutorial

Rap Beat Tutorial Making A Rihanna Type Beat Logic Pro Tutorial Rap Beat Tutorial Making A Rihanna Type Beat Logic Pro Tutorial 🎹 Beat Site πŸ‘‰: πŸ”ˆ Drums Used: Beat break down In this beat making video tutorial, I show you how made this Rihanna pop r&b type beat. This is beat has more of a real live feeling and with more live sounding instruments. This is compared to that of my previous trap and electro hip hop type beats in my other beat making video. Where most of those beats had synth based and artificial sounds. A lot of the instruments used in the making of this Rihanna instrumental are stock logic pro x sounds. These include the piano 02:00 and the guitars 04:56 . I am pretty critical of using guitar based VSTi's in logic pro but the sound that I recorded here 08:02 really show that guitar sounds have come a long way. The pianos in the verse and the chorus 12:05 are layered using 2 different pianos and backed upped by pad sounds to give a thicker sound. The Drums used are a slightly, hip-hop and live sounding 15:00 . This is to give the music a more band like quality. This beat wasn't that easy to mix. I had my work cut out for me after in the mix 20:33 as I had a lot of small sounds in this r&b pop type instrumental. When you have a lot of sounds really sounding instruments with reverbs and delays the mix can get very messy pretty quickly. So I had to come back and mix the beat a couple of time to get the sound that I wanted. The drums I used in this beat making tutorial can be found here at the producers choice πŸ”ˆ Drums Used: The main music production elements 29:15 were, adding and subtraction the music patterns that I had made to keep the song moving and interesting but quite enough for the song to be heard. How To Promote Your Beats On Twitter πŸ’» My Twitter Course πŸ‘‰ : Tool I use To Build My Following On Twitter: πŸ”§ Get Socialquant Aff linkπŸ‘‰ : 🎹 Beat Site πŸ‘‰: Video Links The Corporatethief Beats