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Friday, October 28, 2016

How To Make A Rick Ross Type Beat In Logic Pro X

How To Make A Rick Ross Type Beat In Logic Pro X How To Make A Rick Ross Type Beat In Logic Pro X 🎹 Beat Site 👉: 🔈 Drums Used: Video Description In this beat making tutorial, I created a Rick Ross / Chris Brown / DJ Khaled type beat. I When I created the beat I imagined something a bit different from the beats that I had made before. The type beats I imagined was that of a drive time rick ross / DJ Khaled instrumental, something that would be energetic, high pursuit with the image of Miami or California in the background of the video. I listen to a number of hip-hop beats by rick ross, and I think it was high definition produced by saint Denson was the beat that inspired this beat above. This beat above has a driving baseline, I used 3 different base instruments in logic pro x and layered the accordingly to get the push factor of the beat. The drums are simple but match the beat very well. I added in arps and pads to created small effects also creating small shots of synth stabs to create tension effects. This effect is typical in pop beats. By creating these shots in certain areas of the beat it informs the listener to get ready for the verse or chorus in the instrumentals 00:01 About the beat 02:50 intro 06:11 Verse 10:19 Hook 15:09 Lead 21:29 Bridge The drums I used in this beats you can purchase them here 🔈 Drums Used: How To Promote Your Beats On Twitter 💻 My Twitter Course 👉 : Tool I use To Build My Following On Twitter: 🔧 Get Socialquant {Aff link}👉 : 🎹 Beat Site 👉: Video Links The Corporatethief Beats